Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cewek buka dada

When you shop for women's jeans regularly, you know how many different species are out there. You could Register overwhelmed with so many different ways. If you have time to try in any type that is great! But not all of us that shares luxury, so know before you go shopping can save some time.

Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans are known to give ladies great curves. Even if you have just slight curves, wearing a pair of skinny jeans can emphasize these curves tremendously.

Classic Straight Leg Jeans: These are the more standard version of jeans and very common for everyone. They have however, become more hip over time. They aren't tapered nor are they wide at the bottoms. They are a perfect in between.

Boot-cut Jeans: These types of jeans are very popular by many women. They fit nicely over bulky boots and look very nice with just about everything.

Wide-leg Jeans: Wide leg jeans are just that. Wide throughout the leg, giving you plenty of room to move in but they still offer some style when paired with the perfect top and shoes.

Low-Waist Jeans: These jeans sit very low on your waist and usually help accentuate your butt. Just remember to wear the proper panties with this type of jean!

Mid-Waist Jeans: These sit just below the belly button, usually to help cover any extra pooch some women may carry.

High-Waist Jeans: These jeans go above the belly button slightly, offering full coverage of your stomach. Many women pick these that have stomachs they do not feel comfortable having exposed. By exposed, I don't mean 'showing' but hidden under the jeans, making them more comfortable.

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